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10:00 - 11:00

Yoga in Kiel

ACHTUNG: Die Startzeit hat sich von 16:00 Uhr auf 10:00 Uhr verschoben!

Janesh Vaidya, traditional ayurveda practitioner and author from India, is visiting Germany in October to share his knowledge in natural health. Learn how to understand your body and mind on a deeper level and how to choose the right food for your constitution. Improve your personal relationships and professional growth with this wisdom form India.

About Janesh Vaidya: Internationally renowned ayurveda practitioner from India, often visiting Europe and United States, lecturing on Ayurveda lifestyle, diet and mind development. Over the years, Mr.

Vaidya has treated thousands of people and helped them find their own physical, mental and spiritual powers. His books have sold more than 100.000 copies in Sweden and are translated to 7 languages. His second book in Germany „Die mentale Kraft des Ayurveda“ was published by Random House in May this year. For more info about Janesh Vaidya’s lectures and books visit:

Die mentale Kraft des Ayurveda von Janesh Vaidya


Diese Veranstaltung ist für jeden kostenfrei. Es werden keine Anmeldungen benötigt. Auch wenn sie im Rahmen des Yoga-Tages präsentiert wird ist die Teilnahme am „Yoga-Tag“ nicht nötig um diesen Vortrag zu besuchen.