The Fascial Anatomy series – Online

The return of this series, extended to 8 sessions, with lots of new information!

Dates are:
June 3 • Fascia, Movement & Yoga
June 4 • The Fascia and the Foot
July 22 • The Fascia, the Pelvis and Deep Abdomen
July 23 • The Fascia and the Spine
August 5 • The Fascia of the Back and Arm
August 6 • The Fascia of the Neck and Jaw
September 2 • The Fascia and the Ageing Body
September 3 • The Fascia, anatomy and lessons of FR:EIA

£40 per session or book all 8 sessions for £285 by purchasing the Pass  – Yoga in Kiel TeilnehmerIn & Freunde bekommen 10% Rabatt – bitte Email an Emma für den Rabatt Code.

Recordings available

The link to the booking system is

This series gives you a peek into Gary Carter’s Anatomy & Myofascial Movement course, with new understandings for those students who have completed the course already.

About Gary: here you will find some links and more information how Gary’s works.

YouTube – A YouTub clip from a training

YouTube – Talk – Living Anatomy introductory webinar with Gary Carter and Anne Stevens

Podcast – Embodiment Unlimeted – The anatomy of existence – with Gary Carter

Podcast – Scaravelli inspired Yoga – Gary Carter chats with Catherine Annis

Podcast – Body Talk with David Lesondak – Gary Carter and Rachelle Clauson on the Fascia…