A 5-part course starting in March 2023  •  Kiel, Germany

Structural, Functional, and Experiential Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates Teachers and Manual Therapists (and trainee teachers in the final year of training)

Gary Carter shows how a thorough knowledge of anatomy can help teachers to make intelligent choices about the way they teach their pupils. His workshops involve the use of props, illustrations, and hands-on work in class to help demonstrate the principles that underlie your movement practice. This course of experiential anatomy will run for ten weekends.


In the new format for Europe, this 5-part course explores the anatomy of movement in relation to practice, movement analysis, 3-D work, and experiential anatomy. It will encourage teachers to ’see‘ their students more clearly, thus helping with rehabilitative issues. The course aims to help teachers take a flexible, intelligent approach to their specific field with individual students.

Part 1  •  3 days  •  March 3-5, 2023

INTELLIGENT DESIGN? • Development of Movement Patterns Development of Bone Ligaments, Joints, and Skeleton

SENSE OF SELF • Perception – Kinaesthetic sense • Muscle • How Bones and Fascia Communicate • The Fascial Web•  Gravity response

Part 2 • 3 days •  April 21-23, 2023 

THE FEET AND UP! • The Foot – Primary Support: The Legs – Lightness and Strength • The Pelvis & Pelvic Freedom

THE PELVIS AND UP! THE SPINAL ORGAN • The Pelvis and Pelvic freedom, Psoas and Piriformis and the ‚Pelvic Trampoline’•  The Deep Six and Pelvic Fluidity

Part 3  •  3 days  •  June 2-4, 2023

WHAT IS THE CORE? Breath and Movement • Spinal Structure and Function • The Spine as an Organ•  Anatomy of Breath • Understanding Breathing Practices and their application to the work

BALANCE OF WEIGHT • The Cranium and Neck – Cranio Sacral Rhythms • The Shoulder Girdle • The Arms & Back

Part 4  •  3 days  •  July 21-23, 2023

INWARDS & UPWARDS • Diaphragms of the body • The Cups and Domes in movement • Lymphatics and Health, Immune response and Electro-Chemical balance

SPRING LOADED AND LIGHT • Network • Spiral Dynamics • The Fluid Body • Tensegrity and the Muscle Matrix

Part 5  •  3 days  •  August 4-6, 2023

ANATOMY OF CONNECTION  • The Myofascial Meridians in movement, including the Anatomy Trains Theory

Straps Bands & Slings! Effective Body Reading • Tensegrity in Movement

With an optional trip to the Berlin BodyWorlds to see FR:EIA, the first ever fascial focused full body plastination.

Extra Supporting Online Sessions: dates to be confirmed

Times to be confirmed, but most days will be 10am to 4pm, with lunch and comfort breaks.

Venue: Yoga in Kiel • Walderdamm 1 • 24103 Kiel • Germany

Please note: this course is taught in English, and is in-person only. No online option available.

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For information and booking contact info@naturalbodies.co.uk